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Browns break ground on new turf field donated to Ellet High School

10/31/2020 - Nick Shook

Myles Garrett took the field at Ellet High School on Tuesday as part of a groundbreaking ceremony for a new turf field donated to the school by the Browns.


After chatting with Ellet football players and enduring multiple photo-seeking swarms of students, Garrett received a moment to take a look around at the scenery. His view took him back to his own high school experience, which made him realize that while the new field will be a tremendous gift to the student-athletes at Ellet, he's glad his own school never received such a donation.

The reason: His school already had plenty of open space for running. A lot of running.

"Uh, no," Garrett said when asked if he wished he'd had such a privilege back in high school. "This is great for them, but I didn't need any more fields for them to punish me with."

Memories of the many fields worth of conditioning space aside, Garrett acknowledged how significant a contribution the Browns were making to Ellet and all of Akron Public Schools with their donation of a new turf field for multi-sport use. Multiple APS schools use Ellet's stadium as their home field, meaning it's almost guaranteed to be used at least once if not more per week in every week of the Ohio high school football season.

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