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In October 2020, Cleveland Browns players met with staff and students from the East Cleveland City School District to discuss challenges they have faced with remote learning.

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During the call, students shared stories about the trouble they have had connecting to the internet and finding quiet spaces to complete their work and interact with their classmates and teachers. Representatives from the East Cleveland City School District explained how they have collected and distributed hotspots and hardwired internet solutions to students struggling to connect, but shared that they still needed help getting all students the equipment and training they needed to successfully complete their remote learning assignments.

We, along with Cleveland Browns staff and players, felt compelled to help bridge the digital divide these students and educators were facing. Together, we donated $350,000 to East Cleveland City Schools to purchase Chromebooks, hotspots and other technology and training tools to assist students and teachers.

East Cleveland is the fourth-poorest city in the country and struggles with a 46% rate of chronic absenteeism. By providing these funds to improve students ability to connect with their classmates and teachers and complete their assignments remotely, we hope to see that rate improve and more students participate in online learning.

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